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Downtown Design not only helps you create a brand new website, but we can be your One-Stop-Shop for ALL your marketing needs. One of the website marketing areas we specialize in is “Small Business Website Marketing”. Some may think you can market the “little guys” the same way as you would for a larger company, but that’s WRONG. Small businesses need to support one another, and not think of each other as competition, and here at Downtown Design we embrace that. We know exactly what every small business needs in order to be successful.

One of Minnesota’s Top Marketing Agencies

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Yep, that’s right. Downtown Design is one of the top marketing agencies in Minnesota. From social media marketing to digital marketing, we can help you and your company with all of your marketing needs. Our plans start as low as $99 and go all the way up to $995, you can see the rest of our prices and the details HERE. We cater to the needs of businesses of all needs and sizes.

Local Web Marketing Co.

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Located right on Main Street, Anoka, Downtown Design IS your local web marketing destination. Our web marketing process is specifically aimed at, but not limited to, helping out the small businesses. Being located in an area so close to the majority of our clients makes our processes run smoother and it also keeps our clients happy. Our clients appreciate the fact that we are based so locally, the majority of them say that it makes them feel better knowing that they are working with a local web marketing agency.

E Marketing

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Downtown Design is able to give you something that no other marketing agency can give you, affordable eMarketing. eMarketing can include; emails, blogs, web pages, images, online advertising, and so many other options. We are dedicated to making these necessary things affordable for all of our clients. These are what make the viewers feel engaged with the website, what makes them stay on it longer, and most importantly what makes our clients gain more business. One of the main reasons our clients decide to use our eMarketing services is because they know that the services can help them gain more business.